A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…  wait that’s a different story :-)

What seems like "lightyears" ago, this story actually began when Nathan met Thanh. At the time, Nathan was a pharmacist and Thanh was an MBA graduate from Drexel. As a child, Nathan always had a love for art and film. Growing up in an Asian American family, pursuing the arts was not deemed acceptable and instead Nathan followed the more traditionally accepted route of a career in Pharmacy and Medicine. Although Pharmacy was lucrative and successful, life felt uninspired because he was not pursuing his passion.  Marrying Thanh sparked an opportunity for him to follow his dream, and with her love and support, he worked two jobs at the beginning in both Pharmacy and starting the  Lightyear Studio brand.  Thanh’s love for Nathan has driven her to be just as passionate in following their dreams together. They are now fully devoted to Lightyear Studio and their family.

They love telling stories, sharing adventures and experiencing new foods and cultures. With a passion for traveling the world, they enjoy spending time with their families, and making new friends.  Rarely, are they ever seen without their cameras, delighting in capturing every moment that life has to offer.

Today, Lightyear Studio is an award winning studio  that stands as a team of creative Dreamers, Artists, and Storytellers who are passionate in capturing genuine moments through imagery and film so that we can tell epic stories together with you.

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