My wife and I decided to have a small Caribbean wedding of 30 guests.  In retrospect, finding Lightyear was like winning the lottery - or as close as one can get to it in terms of wedding photographers/videographers.  After spending just a little time with them, I started joking with my wife that we hired "wedding artists", not just photographers.  There is HUGE world of difference between hiring a photographer vs artists who are passionate (and supremely talented) about their art... It is very simple. A photographer will give you photographs of your wedding, and an artist will give you photographic ART made from your wedding.

People say that Mozart had entire symphonies in his head before he wrote a single note. I realize Nathan and Thanh plan and visualize ahead and know where all the great shots will be beforehand. I think that is partially why they had time to capture the fleeting, precious moments at our wedding - weaving it all at the end into a cohesive story and feeling.  It's like hearing people sing on American Idol. There are those rare singers who project emotion in their music and illicit an emotional connection from their listeners. Nathan and Thanh's photographs and the "story" they weave have emotion and feeling.

Frankly, that sort of thing is priceless.

My wife and I gave them our trust, and they guided our wedding, calmed us down and gave us the most beautiful memories to keep.

The wedding is now a distant memory, and so are the lost laptop, the bills, the momentarily lost wedding vow... and the family "stuff". But, my wife and I still have these priceless, artistic photos and videos - the best memories from our wedding - that will stay with us forever. Thank you Nathan and Thanh!


We absolutely love our pictures and cannot wait for our wedding film! I stumbled upon Lightyear Studio by accident while doing a Google search, and it was one of the best unintentional stumblings I have ever happened upon in my life. Nathan, Thanh and their team are not only great professionals, they are creative artists. We loved working with them and without their hard work, we would have nothing to so beautifully chronicle our wedding day! Also, if you are film buffs like my husband and me, do not hesitate to book Lightyear Studio, for their stunning work is truly in cinematography. XO


I hired Lightyear Studio for my engagement and wedding photography and the photos turned out absolutely amazing and beautiful. Everyone that saw my photos were amazed at the excellent quality of work provided. They photographed my wedding 2 years ago and I still get messages from friends on who took my photography. 

My engagement session was at Bakers Beach in San Francisco. Lightyear Studio helped find the place and it turned out to be above and beyond perfect. The scenery was of the Golden Gate Bridge and of the beach and ocean. That day was so memorable because the photographers were very in tune to capturing the moment and knowing how we should pose and where we should stand. The photos are so stylistic and journalistic that it turned out even better then I could ever imagine. The photographers were able to capture us walking in the ocean waves and on the rocks with splashing water, the sunset and cute and romantic poses. The photo quality is so clear. The photos and album package was well worth the money and I recommend this photography service to everyone I meet.

This studio also did our wedding videography and I show people this video all the time. Each special moment was captured and the entire day was well composed into a beautiful video.

Wedding albums, engagement photos and the wedding video are forever so it's best to choose the best photographer for the job. I'm so thankful to have had Lightyear Studio be my photographer and videographer, they are also rated the best photographer on the wedding site


We chose Lightyear Studio to capture our special day at the sweetest place on earth, Hershey, PA. I've never seen anyone so passionate about what they do. Because of this passion, I knew the pictures would turn out great. I could not be anymore happier. I've received so many compliments on how beautiful my wedding pictures are. These photos are not just any wedding photos but there is a creative/artistic element to them that just makes you go, "wow!" Nathan, Thanh, and the rest of the Lightyear Team did an outstanding job and I would highly recommend them for your wedding. We used them for both their photography and cinematography services. We've only seen the pictures and are so excited to see the video!


I recently received our video and felt that it would not do them justice, if I did not update my review. Not only did Lightyear Studio produced fantastic photographs of our wedding day, they did an amazing job with our cinematic video. I can’t tell you how many times my husband and I have watched the video; its that good! It captured “our story” beautifully and like the photographs, our family and friends continue to rave about it. Trust me, you will not be disappointed. For us, photography/videography were among the three most important items, so a large chunk of our wedding budget went towards this. Looking back, I’m glad this was the case because everything happened so fast that day that I barely remember it all. Fortunately, Lightyear Studio was there to capture these cherishing memories! Think about it, will the flowers, limos, linens, etc be worth it down the road? Yes, it may be pricey; however, you really get what you pay for. Lightyear Studio was worth every single penny! Don’t let this stop you, they will work with you to customize a package that is fitting. We’ve made many decisions when it came to our wedding, choosing Lightyear Studio was by far one of the best!!!


Nathan and Thanh flew all the way from Philly to Newport Beach for our wedding to produce beautiful photographs and videography for our special day.

We have gotten so many compliments about the quality of work that they have done.

Thanks so much!


Matt and I finally got home and picked up our photo albums and DVD, and everything was absolutely stunning! You guys did an amazing job, bearing the rain storm, and delivering such beautiful pictures and video. From the first Skype call to the very last picture, you guys were so fun and professional.

We just wanted to thank you for capturing the entire experience - not just the beautiful pictures, but the emotion, the laughs, and the energy of our wedding day! Thank you so much - we couldn't be happier with Lightyear Studio!

Susie and Matt


We were so honored to have the opportunity to work with such a compassionate & fun team as Lightyear Studio! I, personally have been following & have always been such a huge fan of their work since the beginning so we were ecstatic they were available to capture our special day for us. We ultimately felt like movie stars on our wedding day! Nathan & Thanh made us feel so comfortable and we just loved their photographic eye and attention to detail. Their enthusiasm & spontaneity really made it so fun and very easy to work with them. You can truly witness that they love what they do. We honestly could not have asked for a better team to help us capture and fulfill our special day. We just saw our proofs and needless to say, were not surprised with the outcome! Their photos are truly nothing less than perfection. They are not just photographers, they are true artist's. You will not be disappointed w/Lightyear, I can promise you that! Highly recommended.


Mark and I are truly blown away at the artistry and emotion that you were able to capture in our wedding video! It is AMAZING! I love that you centered the video around the speeches - it really brings the day back to us again and gives us memories that we will cherish forever. We shared it with our families and most everyone was crying watching the video - it is so unbelievable! Mark and I think it should be played in a theater! You are genius!


Nathan and his team were absolutely amazing on our wedding day. I am a wedding vendor and have worked with Brides that used Lightyear productions and I was amazed with their work. So it was a very easy decision to pick them for my big day.

I encourage you to get video to remember all the amazing highlights on your big day. The day went by so fast and I am so happy that we will have a video for years to come to.

Thank you Nathan for being a part of our wedding. I will definitely refer you to all of my brides!


I can't say enough great things about the entire Lightyear Studio team! They were incredibly easy and a lot of fun to work with from the first time we met with them. The entire team is incredibly professional and passionate about what they do. They know what they are doing and they do it well! They wanted our pictures and video to capture "our story" and they truly did just that. My husband and I were absolutely blown away when we saw our photos. They are simply stunning. They captured all of the special moments of our wedding day in a way that was so genuine and beautiful. The pictures are breathtaking and I am so thrilled with how the entire day went! It is obvious to see through their work and what they deliver that they are the best at what they do and that they truly enjoy it. I would absolutely recommend Lightyear for any event. The price is right and you get WAY MORE than you pay for! I couldn't have asked for more. Thank you again Lightyear team! It was truly an honor to have you there to document our story on our wedding day.


Life is not about waiting

for the storm to past, 

It's about dancing in the rain