Miami Surprise Proposal & Photoshoot | Ashvi + Mayank

Welcome to Miami. Recently our traveling adventures takes us to South Florida to shoot this fairytale surprise proposal and photoshoot for Ashvi and Mayank.
Witness their amazing proposal in Ashvi’s own words.

A few months ago, my best friend’s boyfriend reached out to me letting me know that he was planning on proposing to her in January. Excited and eager to plan Anita’s proposal, I worked with her boyfriend, Simson, to plan a surprise proposal for her in beautiful Miami. I thought I was doing such a great job fooling her but really I was the one being tricked all along! I am the hardest person to surprise but their plan was out of this world! Fast forward to a Thursday afternoon in late January–I was on a flight to Miami thinking I was going to witness the biggest surprise of Anita’s life. Little did I know I was actually the one that was in for a big surprise! I flew into Miami with one of my other best friends Anisha. Simson told me to book a room in downtown Miami since that’s where he was “planning on proposing.” This was all just a part of the plan to keep me away from South Beach where my fiance, friends, and family were all staying. Friday morning came along and I was so excited for Anita. Simson told me to get to South Point Park around 4:15 PM where I would surprise Anita and walk her over to Simson. Ready to meet up with Anita, I got into an Uber and was on my way to what I thought was my best friend’s proposal. I got to the pier and found Anita standing under a blue umbrella waiting for Simson. When she saw me she freaked out and asked what I was doing in Miami (she really deserves an Oscar for her amazing acting). Anisha and I walked Anita over to the beach where we saw Simson standing on rocks holding a bouquet of flowers accompanied by a gentlemen playing a saxophone. As I walked Anita over to Simson, she was squeezing my arm so tight I thought it was going to break. She was pretending to be super nervous and was still freaking out. Once we got to Simson, I told her I was going to let go of her and leave. Simson and Anita asked me to stay. Before I knew it, the bouquet of flowers were in my hand and Mayank, my now fiance, appeared from behind me. I was shocked and couldn’t believe what was happening. After he proposed, he told me to look up and I saw all our family and friends who flew to Miami from all over the place just to be a part of our special day! He even flew our photographers Lightyear Studio out from Philadelphia. They were by our side to capture the entire weekend so beautifully! The weekend was filled with even more surprises. After the proposal, we went back to the hotel room where I found 35 dresses and a pair of beautiful Christian Louboutin heels for me. Mayank had dinner and drinks planned for everyone on a beautiful rooftop followed by a party bus and a night out in Miami. On Saturday, Mayank arranged to have our engagement shoot at the Vizcaya Gardens since he knew I always wanted to do it somewhere warm. The entire weekend was so beautifully planned and it was truly a fairytale proposal! It was more than I could’ve ever imagined!

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